My name is Rosangela Ludovico, and I am an illustrator, author, comic artist, and web designer.
I was born in Castellaneta, Italy, on March 5, 1990. I lived there until I went to study illustration at the IED in Milan, from which I graduated in 2012. I've been working freelance ever since. I currently live in Folsom, California with my wife Denise and entirely too many plants.

My work takes many directions, but it is unified by themes of happiness and darkness and the relationship between the two. I love to make detailed backgrounds that allow me to tell stories, and a lot of my artwork includes lettering, which I find relaxing to work with. No surprise I'm so drawn to comic work.

I am available to work on a freelance basis - if you have some work for me, send an inquiry at rosangelaludovico@gmail.com!

See my link page for my social media accounts, my store, and my other projects.