Commissions Chart 2021

Thank you for checking my commissions! To start with, here are some more examples of my work.
For more yet, see the rest of my portfolio, particularly the showcase and fanart sections.

You can also see the selected commission work tag on my artblog.

Will do:
  • Fanart, OCs, shippings, real people portraits, creatures, monsters
  • Some nsfw; for examples of my nsfw art, see here
Won't do:
  • Things that personally bother me. If you're unsure, ask.

Rates may be adjusted if the picture is very complex or very simple.
I also do comic pages, for different rates. Ask me about those.

How to commission

  • Contact me through email ( and tell me what you'd like.
  • Once we've agreed on the commission, I will send you a Paypal invoice.
  • I will need full payment in order to continue.
    If the total of your commission is more than $100, we can do half at the beginning and half at the end.
  • Within 1 week from payment, I will send you a sketch.
  • I will keep you posted on my progress.
  • In the end, I will send you a high-resolution PNG of your finished image.

Terms of use

These are personal commissions. You can:

  • Use your picture as a profile picture or header.
    Please credit Rosangela Ludovico at or one of my social media accounts.
  • Upload on your social media accounts, also with credit as above.
  • Print for personal use.
  • Use as lock screen, wallpaper, etc.

For any other uses, you must ask me beforehand. If your commission falls under commercial use, rates will be different.

I reserve all rights to the finished image. Unless you ask me otherwise, I may use your commission as part of my portfolio, or post it on my social media accounts.

Some ideas

  • If there's one particular picture of mine that has a similar mood or concept to what you had in mind, point it out to me!
  • Do you have an OC you'd like to see drawn, but no existing pictures of them? You can send me a text description! I don't mind if it's lengthy and rambly, or if it's a bulleted list.
  • You can also send me references of people or characters that would look somewhat like your OC.
  • Want to communicate a visual idea but you can't draw? What about a stick figure diagram?
  • Generally, if you're not sure if I can do something or something else, just ask!

Thank you again for looking!