Portfolio of
Rosangela Ludovico,
author and artist,
working primarily
in comics and illustration.


The Sanctuary of Santa Faustina

The Sanctuary of Santa Faustina is an illustrated science-fiction screenplay novella, written by D. B. Lindgren, published by Mono Opti Publishing. It is part illustrated story, part graphic novel, and part screenplay. I was one of the artists who worked on its visual parts. I contributed 16 comic pages and 3 illustrations, and designed the appearance of some of the characters that appear in the story.

The plot follows Maricela "Mari" Muñoz, a 15-year-old girl who lives in a makeshift orphanage in a secret government research community called Santa Faustina. Located within the vast Sonoran Desert, Santa Faustina was shut off from the rest of the world after a mysterious incident nine years ago. Accompanied by an autonomous, flying robot named Wren, Mari seeks to discover the truth about what happened to her community and her family.

The book had a first print run in 2021, and is currently available in its digital edition on Amazon.

Here is a selection of my work for this project.