Staircase Spirit

Staircase Spirit is a writing site that I run in collaboration with my wife Denise. I want to call this project a blog, but most blogs don't have 60k-word entries, so maybe it is more like a new-school fansite. It is built upon in-depth essays about video games, movies, tv shows, fandom, and whatever else strikes our nerd nerve. Most essays are written and edited collaboratively.

Beyond writing, my responsibilities for this site are primarily design-related. Staircase Spirit is built on a CMS we made specifically for this project, with Denise being the main programmer. This CMS, which we call Stairwell and we are preparing to release as open-source, is structured around the ability to design each page individually, with or without a template that is shared between articles. I am in charge of designing and maintaining the main template, and each of its individual variations.