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There's so much more that I want as content for this site, but I didn't want to hold back a perfectly presentable site on account of having grander plans. The feature I'm looking forward to releasing the most is a sort of digital artbook - a series of themed pages following the development of various aspects of the comic, like character design, environment design, visual choices, and whatnot. There will also be something that for now I'm calling "artist's journals", tutorials about how I draw stuff in which I'll be taking a personal and theoretical angle about each subject... Damn, Val is rubbing off on me. Anyway, expect more stuff.

If you're curious, this site runs on a content management system that me and wife Denise built together - we call it Stairwell and someday we'll release it to the public. For now it powers our long-winded fansite blog thingy, Staircase Spirit (for which it was built), this site, and the main site of The Gifts of Darkness as well. I'm biased, but I think it works really well. How odd that something that we coded in our free time has more features than sites with million-dollar budgets. How odd indeed.

All credit to Denise for coding all the back-end stuff unique to this site, and most of the Stairwell back-end in general. She's a genius! I did all the design and front-end code, so, if something looks bad, I'm almost certainly the one to blame. (In all seriousness, do let me know if you find a bug).

To contact me, and for other places where my art may be, see my links page.