Process: Chapter 2, page 2

When I wrote the draft of chapter 2, page 2, I had a clear idea of the mood and the lighting I wanted, but not of the framing and the angles I'd use. In this kind of situation, I make several sketches roughly based on the draft, knowing I'll discard some, for me to understand what is that I want from the scene in the first place.

The next day came and Adrien woke up with the sky barely starting to turn blue with dawn - far too soon, but his excitement and nervousness for the coming day couldn't have let him do otherwise. He stood up, went to wash himself, put on his best robe, and then proceeded to sit in a daze on the side of his bed for a few more minutes, his mind muddled with apprehension and his stomach twisted into knots. At last, in the corner of his eye, he saw the pink and purple clouds of the morning, and he bolted up.

This was the first sketch for the second panel. While there is nothing wrong with it as a picture, it made me realize that I wanted something closer to Adrien and to the actual action, which is all inwards at this point. This is too outside.


I drew this second sketch and I thought it was getting closer to what I wanted, but I didn't like how it would interact with the next panel, which shows Adrien leaving the bed. I wanted the next panel to be essentially the same shot as this one, but with Adrien leaving the frame; with how I did this second sketch, the following panel would have been a shot of the wrinkled sheets from above.

This would have been a reasonable solution in live-action or animation, in which we would have had a lovely shot of the hands pressing on the side of the bed to give him a push, and then the mattress is pushed down a little, and the sheets wrinkle slightly... but, without the whole motion, we'd only get a shot of the bed without Adrien - not what I wanted here, and too unclear for my tastes.


The final sketch took after the concept of the second one, but with a different angle and framing that makes it easier for the next panel to be read. That's the one that was used as the base for the final page.

Chapter 2, page 2