Process: Chapter 3, page 1


At one point, I played with the idea of having the hen Giselle be on the title page for Chapter 3, but in the end I preferred to only draw the egg because I didn't want to completely spoil this minor reveal only nine pages before it became relevant - when he writes the letter, the reader is not yet supposed to know who is this Giselle that he mentions until he has a conversation about it with Valerion a few pages later.

I debated whether I really wanted to illustrate a chapter named Eggshells with the picture of a literal egg, but the final result ended up looking somewhat abstract anyway, which fits with the style I'm trying to keep for the title pages.

Chapter 3 was also one of the hardest ones to find a title for. Denise at one point joked that the title should be Egg, and we wouldn't do random meme humor like that, but then we realized that this would be an instance in which you could feasibly title something Egg and not have it be just silly. The egg is a symbol of a beginning, but also a link to home for Adrien - and the main theme of Chapter 3 is his relationship between the person he's grown to be and the person he's looking to become. So in the end I decided to title the chapter Eggshells... mostly as a compromise to not end up with just Egg, really.

Chapter 3, page 1
Final version of the title page.