Process: Chapter 4, page 25

Back when I wrote the first draft of The Gifts of Darkness, long before I decided to make a comic out of it and even before I shared anything about this story in public, I drew many private illustrations for it. They were made to either accompany parts of the draft, or served as a starting point for me to write certain scenes.

Said that, this is Chapter 4, page 25, as it appears in the comic:

Chapter 4, page 25

And this is the illustration that came with the first draft of Chapter 4:


This is dated September 18, 2015, and it was drawn on my phone (so excuse the sketchiness). I no longer remember if this was drawn to illustrate the scene or if the scene was written after the picture - probably a bit of both. Since I liked how this picture had come out, I wanted to redraw it and incorporate it in the final version of The Gifts of Darkness, and that's what I did. I tried to stay as close to the original picture as possible, so, if you look, you'll notice that the differences are not actually that many - pretty much just the clothing and the lighting (by when I drew the first picture, I hadn't set the layout of the room in stone yet, so the shading doesn't make sense with the position of the window; also the original colors didn't really convey that it's supposed to be around noon - I like how they look in isolation, but they're more like a 4 pm sort of palette).

A little fun fact about the final illustration: to draw the robes, me and Denise had to pose each wearing four towels at once.