The Gifts of Darkness

The Gifts of Darkness is an ongoing comic series which started in 2016, and is currently the main focus of my work. I take care of everything about it - story, art, colors, and painstakingly handwritten lettering. You can read and follow The Gifts of Darkness online at

The Gifts of Darkness starts with Adrien about to become an apprentice sorcerer. Most people don't start something like that at 23 years old, but that's the path Adrien finds himself taking, even if he doesn't quite know what he's doing. He sets out to meet his new mentor, the sorcerer Valerion, who becomes his guide in magic and in life. Together, they begin to understand and accept who they are, and they learn to embrace the darkness that makes both true honesty and true love possible.

The first seven chapters have been collected into a print edition as The Gifts of Darkness Volume 1 and Volume 2, which I sell in my store.

The following pages are a selection. You can imagine that choosing a few pages to present an entire comic series (which, as of writing, spans more than 400 pages) is really hard, so, to get a better sense of this project, I'd encourage you to go read some of it on the site. You can also support this project by becoming a patron.